About Jonathan Gibbs, GCSE and A-Level Economics Tutor in Leigh-on-Sea, Southend

My study of Economics began in 1983 at a comprehensive school in the midlands. Nearly 40 years later I still have a love for the subject and have been teaching it for almost all of my working life.

    of Jonathan Gibbs in a blue suit Back in 1983, unemployment in the UK was above three million and the UK’s best-selling car was the Austin Metro. Seatbelts were made compulsory that year for drivers and front-seat passengers. For the first time private companies were contracted to do cleaning, catering and laundering in NHS hospitals.

I was awarded my Economics degree in 1988, became a qualified teacher in 1989 and got an MA in Social Anthropology a couple of years later. After university, during the 1990s, I spent four years out of Economics - teaching English as a foreign language in Japan. For one year I lived in Ojiya City in Niigata and for three years I lived in Hiroshima.

Since 2002 to date, I have taught Economics at a highly-successful Essex grammar school.

If you are interested in arranging some Economics help, get in touch. Perhaps you are just starting the subject at either A-Level or GCSE and are anxious about keeping up – or perhaps you have been doing Economics for a while, but need help with some areas. Alternatively, you may be hoping to go on to do Economics at university and want to maximise your chances of getting a top grade.